Pepot Artista is featured in Asian Frescoes in OSIAN Cine Fan...more
breakElijah Castillo, star of Pepot Artista, wins the best actor award in Singapore International Film Festival...more
The Singapore International Film Festival has accepted Pepot Artista as a finalist to the Silver Screen Awards in April 2006...more

CLODUALDO DEL MUNDO JR.’s Pepot Artista was named Best Film in the Full-Length category of the all-digital Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition...more

After more than 30 years in hibernation, Pepot Artista, a script written by multi-awarded screen writer Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. comes to life...more

BACK in the 1970s, Doy del Mundo dreamt of becoming a director. He wanted to make films, but as fate would have it, he found fame as a screenwriter instead...more

Child actor, Elijah Castillo, delivers strong film, stage performances ...more

The film Pepot Artista took about 30 years before it was realized. Clodualdo "Doy" del Mundo, wrote his first screenplay while taking up graduate studies. Doy went on to make many of the outstanding films in Philippine cinema. He wrote the screenplay for Lino Brocka's "Maynila: In the Claws of Darkness," and was the lead screenwright for many of Mike de Leon's films which included, "Kisapmata," "Batch '81," Third World Hero," and "Kakaba Ka Ba?." An undercurrent among these films is the willingness to explore non-genre subjects and to look at the third world experience with a fresh angle. Doy chose to stay out of the mainstream movie industry, and was secure in his role as a professor and chairman in communication arts at De La Salle University.

The advent of digital film and its low budget enabled Doy to realize Pepot Artista, a seminal film on Filipinos and their penchant for entertainment amidst widespread poverty. The film centered on Pepot, a very young boy who was a great fan of the movies and who aspired to be a film star. The role was played by stage child actor, Elijah Castillo. In the process of pursuing his dream, he had to contend with his peers and an environment that discouraged more than reinforced his aspirations. His adventure becomes a microcosm of many Filipinos' view of the movie industry as their savior. Providing support in Doy's directorial debut is a network of independent film artists. Foremost among them is his cinematographer, brother Herky del Mundo who went back to the Philippines from the United States to collaborate with him. Herky was the cinematographer of "Dreaming Filipinos," a frequent topic on Asian American film studies in many universities. Doy was also joined by production designer Cesar Hernando, music scorer Lorie Ilustre, and editor Daniel Adapon. Doy also had the support of young artists, which included Michael Kho Lim as line producer, assistant director Maricris Calilung, and assistant camera person, Roselyn Cantos. Students from De La Salle's ComArts department and St. Benilde created a sizable film work force despite a very low budget of just $10,000. The staff's selfless inputs created production values that compared much better than their mainstream counterparts with budgets 40 times as much.

Their efforts were however rewarded when "Pepot Artista" was chosen the best film in the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival in Manila, Philippines. It has also been accepted as the Philippines' competition entry to the upcoming Singapore International Film Festival.

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